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A customer is interested in deploying InsightIQ into their Isilon environment. How is InsightIQ installed?

A.    Deployed as a virtual appliance
B.    Installed on a FreeBSD server
C.    Deployed on a Windows 64-bit server
D.    Installed on an Isilon cluster

Answer: A

By default, how much space needs to be reserved for snapshots on an Isilon cluster?

A.    0% of the cluster
B.    5% of the cluster
C.    10% of the cluster
D.    20% of the cluster

Answer: A

How does Isilon SnapshotIQ use storage for snapshots?

A.    Uses Changed Block Tracking and only saves the changed data blocks.
B.    Works on the file level and saves the entire file no matter what has changed.
C.    Works with 4 KiB blocks and will always use that amount of storage, no matter what has changed.
D.    Uses Changed Block Tracking but always uses a 4 KiB block, even if the data changed is less than that amount.

Answer: A

A customer is considering moving their NAS data over to Isilon systems. They want to know what limitations Isilon has regarding snapshots. What can be provided to the customer?

A.    No hard limit on snapshots.
B.    Limit of 1024 snapshots per cluster.
C.    Limit of 2048 snapshots per cluster.
D.    Limit of 2048 snapshots per directory.

Answer: A

A customer created one month of snapshots consisting of one snapshot every 8 hours for 30 days on an Isilon cluster using SnapshotIQ. The customer is now deleting the snapshots randomly and is experiencing overhead to the cluster. How can the customer remove the snapshots and avoid the overhead caused by the process?

A.    Delete the snapshots in order.
B.    Move the snapshot data to a different tier with SmartPools.
C.    Snapshots cannot be deleted.
D.    Remove the directory.

Answer: A

An Isilon customer would like to have different snapshot policies and schedules on the same directory. Why is this possible on an Isilon cluster?

A.    SnapshotIQ snaps at the directory level not the volume level.
B.    All snapshots are scheduled through the CLI.
C.    SnapshotIQ uses a third-party product to create different schedules and policies on a directory.
D.    SnapshotIQ snaps at the volume level not the directory level.

Answer: A

How many snapshots can be created at the directory level using Isilon SnapshotIQ?

A.    8
B.    96
C.    256
D.    1024

Answer: D

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