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What are the benefits of Isilon Scale-Out NAS versus Scale-Up NAS technology?

A.    File-based storage, File system upper limit 20 PB+, quick scalability, and more granular file protection.
B.    Block-based storage, file system upper limit 10 PB, nodes contain all components, and RAID protection.
C.    Block-based storage, file system upper limit 20 PB+, nodes contain all components, and more granular file protection.
D.    File-based storage, file system upper limit 16 TB, quick scalability, and volume level RAID protection.

Answer: A

An Isilon administrator needs to create a new Isilon cluster to support high performance and large capacity storage for a streaming media environment. Which node model is recommended?

A.    HD-Series
B.    NL-Series
C.    S-Series
D.    X-Series

Answer: D

Which job is a data distribution job on an Isilon cluster?

A.    FlexProtect
B.    Collect
C.    MediaScan
D.    TreeDelete

Answer: A

The exhibit shows the components of a conventional Hadoop environment.
Which component holds the location information for every file in the cluster?

A.    NameNode: Can comprise one or two physical servers.
B.    Compute: A logical component which runs on each node.
C.    Data: A physical component distributed across the cluster.
D.    3X mirror: The first three nodes in the cluster configured as a 3X mirror.

Answer: A

What is a valid simultaneous job combination on an Isilon Engine v2.0?

A.    One Restripe job, one Mark job, and one All-Other job.
B.    One Restripe job, one All-Other job and one Multiscan job.
C.    One Restripe job and two Mark jobs.
D.    Two Restripe jobs and one All-Other job.

Answer: A

What happens in the Job Engine v2.0 when an error occurs in a phase on an Isilon cluster?

A.    Job is marked failed
B.    Job pauses
C.    Phase pauses
D.    Task fails

Answer: A

What is the estimated space savings from audit log compression on an Isilon cluster?

A.    25%
B.    50%
C.    75%
D.    90%

Answer: D

What is a benefit of storing Hadoop data on an Isilon cluster versus a traditional Hadoop environment?

A.    In-place analytics
B.    Requires 3X data mirroring
C.    NameNode resides on a single node
D.    Nodes do both computation and storage

Answer: A

An Isilon administrator was unsuccessful when adding a new node to an existing Isilon cluster using the Nodes LCD panel. What is a possible cause?

A.    Internal join mode has been set to `secure’.
B.    Internal join mode has been set to `manual’.
C.    Nodes can only be added through the console port.
D.    Nodes can only be added through the web administration interface.

Answer: A

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