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Where are file system operations initiated on an Isilon node?

A.    L1
C.    L2
D.    Disk

Answer: A

For concurrent I/O, how do SmartCache and Endurant Cache differ?

A.    Endurant Cache sends an acknowledgement to the client immediately after mirroring writes in NVRAM.
B.    Endurant Cache waits for acknowledgement from all nodes before copying to L2 cache.
C.    SmartCache immediately commits the write to NVRAM on the local node and one peer node.
D.    SmartCache uses sub-file, granular locking whereas Endurant Cache locks the entire file.

Answer: A

Where is caching for disk blocks staged on an Isilon node?

A.    L2
B.    CPU
C.    L1
D.    RAID

Answer: A

In an Isilon cluster, what is the correct sequence of operations for a client write when Forward Error Correction (FEC) is used for data protection?


Answer: ……

What is the relative latency of a cache hit to L1 cache compared to a hit to L2 cache in an Isilon cluster?

A.    2x
B.    5x
C.    10x
D.    25x

Answer: C

Where does SmartCache stage its write cache?

A.    SSD
B.    DISK
D.    DRAM

Answer: D

Which type of data is stored in Endurant Cache of an Isilon node?

A.    Write
B.    Volume
C.    Read
D.    Protection

Answer: A

What is the overhead impact on the physical capacity when configuring data protection at N+2:1 on a 6-node Isilon cluster?

A.    1/2
B.    1/4
C.    1/5
D.    1/6

Answer: C

A customer has 10 nodes in a cluster using N+2 protection. What is the minimum number of nodes required to be online and in communication with one another to satisfy quorum?

A.    4
B.    5
C.    6
D.    7

Answer: C

In an Isilon cluster for N+2 protection, what is the minimum number of nodes?

A.    3
B.    5
C.    6
D.    9

Answer: B

A customer has a 7-node Isilon cluster configured with N+2:1 protection. How many nodes can be offline with the data accessible and fully writeable?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    0; all nodes must be online

Answer: A

What is the minimum number of connected and available nodes required to maintain quorum in a 25-node Isilon cluster?

A.    10
B.    12
C.    13
D.    17

Answer: C

An Isilon customer experienced a node failure. The failure requires that the affected node be permanently removed from the cluster. What will occur in the cluster upon failure of the node?

A.    OneFS will assume it is a temporary failure and the data will not be protected at the appropriate levels.
B.    Cluster will detect the node failure and automatically begin the SmartFail process.
C.    FlexProtect will be activated and data will be protected at the appropriate levels.
D.    Nothing. When data protection levels are set appropriately, OneFS will always protect data without manual interaction.

Answer: A

A customer experiences a system failure on an Isilon storage node. However, the disk drives in the node are not affected. What is the preferred method for restoring cluster integrity?

A.    Engage EMC support to perform a Disk Tango process to move drives, journal, and boot volumes to a replacement chassis.
B.    Allow OneFS to proceed with its automatic SmartFail process to re-protect the failed node.
C.    Migrate the disks from the failed node into spare drive bays on other nodes.
D.    Initiate a manual SmartFail process on the node as it is not started automatically.

Answer: A

A customer plans to deploy N+2:1 protection on a 5-node Isilon cluster. How much capacity will be used to store a 320 KiB file?

A.    320 KiB
B.    448 KiB
C.    576 KiB
D.    640 KiB

Answer: C

A customer plans to deploy N+2:1 protection on a 5-node Isilon cluster. How much capacity will be used to store a 1024 KiB file?

A.    1024 KiB
B.    1280 KiB
C.    1792 KiB
D.    1920 KiB

Answer: C

An Isilon customer’s administrator created the nested directory structure, shown in the exhibit, using SmartQuotas. However, a user needs to write an additional 650 GB of data to “/ifs/data/acct/recv”.
Which steps will enable the user to complete this task?

A.    Directory1 QuotA — Increase to 1400 GB
User QuotA — Increase to 1000 GB on Subdirectory2
B.    User QuotA — Decrease to 650 GB on Subdirectory2
Directory1 QuotA — Decrease to 1650 GB
C.    User QuotA — Decrease to 400 GB on Subdirectory1
Directory1 QuotA — Increase to 1650 GB
D.    Directory1 QuotA — Increase to 1350 GB
User QuotA — Decrease to 1000 GB on Subdirectory1

Answer: A

Your customer uses an existing Isilon cluster consisting of five NL-Series nodes to source broadcast media files for playback and streaming.The customer reports that the playback pauses and stutters regularly. It has been confirmed that there are no network or playback system issues. Which of the choices listed is the appropriate choice to address the playback issues?

A.    Add three or more S-Series Nodes
B.    Upgrade OneFS to the latest version
C.    Enable SmartConnect Advanced
D.    Enable Level 2 Caching

Answer: A

While configuring Isilon SmartConnect, a customer determined that their workload primarily consists of long-lived NFS and SMB connections. Which load-balancing policy will provide the most efficient client distribution?

A.    Random Selection
B.    CPU Utilization
C.    Network Throughput
D.    Connection Count

Answer: C

If Isilon SmartConnect is being configured in a customer environment, which records are required for a supported implementation?

A.    A SmartConnect Service IP host record and a zone delegation for the SmartConnect zone delegated to the SSIP.
B.    An overloaded host record with each SmartConnect zone member’s IP address and an SRV record to provide resolution services.
C.    A SmartConnect Service IP host record and a corresponding PTR record for each SmartConnect zone.
D.    A SOA record for the SmartConnect Service IP and a corresponding CNAME record for each SmartConnect zone.

Answer: A

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