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What is the default HTTPS port used to connect to Unisphere for VMAX?

A.    80
B.    443
C.    3324
D.    8443

Answer: D
Explanation: (page 35)

Please check the option that best describes your relationship with Dell EMC.

A.    Dell EMC Employee
B.    Dell EMC Customer/Partner
C.    Other

Answer: C

What is the status of the Host I/O paths to the target array after a Non-Disruptive Migration Cutover?

A.    Write Disabled
B.    Inactive
C.    Read/Write Enabled
D.    Dead

Answer: B
Explanation: (page 13)

The Reserved Capacity for a Storage Resource Pool (SRP) on a VMAX3 has been set to 15%. A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot has been created for a Storage Group containing 10 devices. An application is actively performing read and write I/O to these devices. The snapshot is linked to the target in Copy mode. Allocation for the SRP reaches 85%. What will happen to the copy process?

A.    Tracks required for the copy will be allocated from the Reserved Capacity
B.    Copy to target will continue and complete
C.    Copy to target will fail
D.    Copy to target will halt

Answer: C

Other than VMware ESXi, which type of virtual servers can be discovered in Unisphere of VMAX?

A.    Microsoft Hyper-V
B.    Citrix XenServer
C.    Oracle VirtualBox
D.    Open Source – KVM

Answer: A

You are in a meeting with a customer describing the features of VMAX3 arrays. The customer wants to know more about VMAX3 configuration changes that can be performed with Unisphere for VMAX. Which objects can be configured with Unisphere for VMAX?

A.    Thin devices and Autoprovisioning Groups.
B.    Thin devices, Storage Resource Pools, and Masking Views.
C.    Data Pools and Storage Resource Pools.
D.    Disk Groups, Data Pools, and Autoprovisioning Groups.

Answer: A

You are in a meeting with a customer describing the features of VMAX3 arrays. The customer wants additional information about the VMAX3 factory pre-configuration. Which objects are pre-configured at the factory?

A.    Disk Groups, Data Pools, and a Storage Resource Pool.
B.    Storage Resource Pools and Masking Views.
C.    Disk Groups, Data Pools, and Storage Groups.
D.    Data Pools, Storage Resource Pools, and Port Groups.

Answer: A

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