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An SRDF/Star user wants to move their workload from the current workload site to one of the target sites. Which operational step is necessary before executing the symstar halt command?

A.    Ensure that all host I/O is stopped
B.    Ensure that both targets are in the disconnected state
C.    Ensure that both targets are in the isolated state
D.    Execute a symstar switch command

Answer: A

A company is currently planning to use virtual provisioning for consolidating Microsoft Exchange 2010. Ease of administration is their primary concern. They have requested your assistance in providing a design guideline. What is a key design consideration?

A.    Configure in a larger pool with all mailboxes
B.    Configure in a single pool per Exchange 2010 mailbox
C.    Configure in a single pool
D.    Configure in a larger pool for each mailbox

Answer: A

Database administrators load new financial data into their databases between 6 A.M. and 8 A.M. every day. During this time period, the Microsoft Exchange administrators report that archiving operations come to a halt. Neither operation can be moved to a different time due to other dependencies. How can performance be improved for the Exchange team without impacting the database data import?

A.    Use Optimizer to identify the busy devices and migrate them to less busy disks.
B.    Use Dynamic Cache Partitioning with a large static partition and a low write pending limit.
C.    Apply Quality of Service parameters for copy pacing on the database volumes.
D.    Increase the number of HBAs in the Exchange server for more bandwidth.

Answer: A

Microsoft Exchange has been virtualized to a production ESXi server managed by VMware vCenter. Replication Manager is being used to replicate LUNs containing the Exchange VMFS to a testing ESXi server. The LUNs are successfully replicated and mounted to the testing ESXi server, but the VMFS is not visible. What could be the cause?

A.    LVM Resignature switch must be enabled to write a new signature to the LUNs.
B.    Replication Manager proxy host has not been registered with vCenter.
C.    Replication Manager proxy host does not have the vCenter management credentials.
D.    TCP port 443 has not been opened between the production server and the testing server.

Answer: A

A storage administrator is investigating performance issues on a server attached to an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array. The server is running a database application with database tables located in a file system on a 100 GB standard device. Performance Manager shows that during peak activity times, the 100 GB device is reaching its device write pending limit. Which solution may help resolve this performance issue?

A.    Migrate to 4 x 25 GB devices and configure a striped volume using a host-based LVM.
B.    Migrate the database file system to a larger standard device to increase its write pending limit.
C.    Add cache to the array to increase the system write pending limit.
D.    Increase the device write pending limit for the existing standard device.

Answer: A

Storage from an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array has been presented to a number of ESXi servers. The number of LUNs seen by any ESXi server is less than 30 and the LUN numbers are consecutive. Which VMware parameter can be modified to improve the LUN discovery process during a rescan?

A.    Disk.MaxLUN
B.    Scsi.SCSITimeout_ScanTime
C.    Scsi.MaxReserveTime
D.    Disk.DelayOnBusy

Answer: A

An EMC Symmetrix VMAX is shared between a company’s sales and engineering departments. The company has the following requirements:
1. A specific user from the sales department should be allowed to execute TimeFinder commands on the devices set aside for sales using a Solaris host.
2. The same user should not be allowed control over devices belonging to engineering.
3. No other user with an account on the Solaris host should be able to exercise the same controls specified in the first two requirements.
Which combination of access control permission and user-based authorization role will fulfill this requirement?

A.    BCV and StorageAdmin
B.    BCV and Auditor
C.    BASE and SecurityAdmin
D.    BASECTRL and Auditor

Answer: A

A company requires their ESXi server to boot from an EMC Symmetrix VMAX device over the SAN. What is a consideration?

A.    Boot LUN should be accessible across multiple paths
B.    Boot controller should be in the highest-numbered PCI slot on the server
C.    Boot LUN must have a logical unit number between 128-255
D.    Boot LUN must have RAID 1 protection

Answer: A

A company plans to use Symmetrix VMAX Virtual Provisioning for their VMware ESXi servers. They have standardized on 1 TB VMFS datastores built on single LUNs. However, they want the ability to grow the datastore if required. What is the recommended Symmetrix VMAX storage allocation and why?

A.    4 member thin concatenated metavolume (4 x 250 GB).
Thin concatenated metavolumes can be easily expanded.
B.    4 member thin striped metavolume (4 x 250 GB).
Thin concatenated metavolumes cannot be expanded.
C.    8 member thin concatenated metavolume (8 x 125 GB).
Thin concatenated metavolumes can be easily expanded.
D.    8 member thin striped metavolume (8 x 125 GB).
Thin concatenated metavolumes cannot be expanded.

Answer: C

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