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Which tool is used for scripting SnapView commands in a VNX system?

A.    Admsnap utility
B.    Unisphere Service Manager
C.    Snapsure software
D.    Secure CLI

Answer: A

For LACP Load Balancing Considerations, what is the default setting?

A.    Source/Destination IP Address.
B.    Source/Destination TCP/UDP Ports.
C.    First in/First out.
D.    Source/Destination MAC Address.

Answer: A

A colleague plans to use VNX Snapview Snapshots to make local copies of four data warehouse LUNs. The LUNs to be snapped are:
– 10 GB
– 20 GB
– 30 GB
– 100 GB
What is the recommended reserve LUN size?

A.    4 GB
B.    8 GB
C.    2 GB
D.    16 GB

Answer: A

An administrator wants to add storage capacity to the cmsas_archive storage pool. They bind one new RAID 6 SAS LUN and present this LUN for VNX for File and create a disk volume on the host from it. They check the cmsas_archive storage pool but potential capacity is not increased. What could be a possible cause?

A.    There is a mismatch between cmsas_archive disk volumes and the newly created disk volume type.
B.    The disk volume is already assigned to the same storage pool but it is still unused.
C.    The cmsas_archive pool was not manually extended with the newly created disk volume.
D.    Disk volumes were not added to system-defined storage pools.

Answer: A

If a source LUN is trespassed, what happens to a fractured clone LUN?

A.    Neither the clone LUN nor the fracture logs will be acquired by the peer SP.
B.    The peer SP acquires the clone LUN.
C.    The peer SP acquires the fracture logs.
D.    The peer SP acquires both the clone LUN and the fracture logs.

Answer: A

A customer has an application that uses a lot of capacity but has very low performance requirements. The customer initially configured the LUNs using the Lowest Available Tier option and now wants to configure the FAST VP policy to ensure LUNs allocated to this application always stay on low performance storage. What do you advise?

A.    The policy should be set to No Data Movement.
B.    Initially set the policy to Lowest Available Tier, then Auto-Tier.
C.    The policy should always be set to Auto-Tier.
D.    Initially set the policy to Highest Available Tier, then Auto-Tier.

Answer: A

How much FAST Cache storage can be allocated as cache?

A.    500 GB
B.    1 TB
C.    2 TB
D.    4 TB

Answer: C

Which CLI command displays the IP configuration of each Data Mover?

A.    server_ifconfig
B.    server_sysconfig
C.    server_devconfig
D.    /sbin/ifconfig

Answer: A

What is an accurate statement about NFS and ESXi interoperability?

A.    VMware currently supports only NFS version 3 over TCP/IP.
B.    A NAS NFS file system can host a RDM volume for ESXi servers.
C.    Only one ESX host at a time can access a NFS volume.
D.    NMFS prepares a NFS file system for use by ESXi.

Answer: A

Which statement describes a benefit of using a Virtual Data Mover (VDM)?

A.    It supports the separation of CIFS servers and their shares.
B.    It enables the replication of NFS exports.
C.    It provides security for users in multi-protocol environments.
D.    It can be configured as a standby for failover.

Answer: A

What is a valid characteristic of a concatenated metaLUN?

A.    It can be different RAID types and sizes.
B.    It can mix thick and thin LUNs.
C.    It cannot be expanded once created.
D.    It always have a uniform performance profile.

Answer: A

How many local user accounts can be created per VNX CIFS Server?

A.    128
B.    256
C.    1024
D.    2048

Answer: A

A VNX snapshot can have how many snapshots of the source LUN?

A.    256
B.    128
C.    384
D.    8

Answer: A

In a MS 2007 Exchange Environment, what is the best practice VNX cache page setting?

A.    8kB
B.    1kB
C.    4kB
D.    16kB

Answer: A

What will prevent a storage administrator from deleting a storage group?

A.    The presence of hosts in the storage group.
B.    The presence of LUNs in the storage group.
C.    The presence of MirrorView source LUNs in the storage group.
D.    The presence of MirrorView target LUNs in the storage group.

Answer: A

What is the length of RSA keys used to encrypt and decrypt network traffic in a VNX environment?

A.    2048 bits
B.    1024 bits
C.    2048 bytes
D.    1024 bytes

Answer: A

What VNX enablers are required for data compression?

A.    Compression and thin provisioning.
B.    Compression only.
C.    Thin provisioning and SAN Copy.
D.    Thin provisioning only.

Answer: A

A storage administrator configured a SnapSure snapshot schedule for a heavily utilized production file system. According to the schedule, three snapshots are to be created per hour, with the first snapshot created at one minute past the hour. After an hour, the administrator noticed that the first snapshot was not created on time. What is the cause of this issue?

A.    The VNX for File database backup has started in the background.
B.    The PFS SavVol has run out of space.
C.    The VNX for File has experienced a network outage.
D.    The HWM was not configured manually for Auto Extension.

Answer: A

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