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When using the XtremIO PoC Toolkit, what is the purpose of the Age phase?

A.    Continuously write to a specific range of logical block addresses to test Flash durability.
B.    Overwrite each LUN multiple times to ensure they contain all unique data.
C.    Test the performance of the All-Flash array with non-production static data.
D.    Scatter writes across the entire array to simulate ordinary use of the system.

Answer: D
Proceed with filesystem aging by doing random overwrite cycles.

A user attempts to create a quorum disk for a host cluster. Volume parameters are:
* Size = 1000 KB
* Name = 1MB_Vol
However, the volume creation fails. What caused the process to fail?

A.    Quorum disks cannot have an 8 KB block size
B.    Volume size is too small
C.    Volume name is invalid
D.    XtremIO volumes cannot be quorum disks

Answer: B
The volume size must be specified in MB, GB, TB, and not in KB.
Not D: Quorum disks on XtremIO. The SAN Volume Controller cluster will select disks that are presented by the XtremIO storage system as quorum disks. To maintain availability for the cluster, ideally each quorum disk should reside on a separate disk subsystem. The quorum device can be any disk device that is shared between two or more nodes. EMC Symmetrix, VNX series, or XtremIO devices are commonly used for this purpose.

A customer has a group of applications that need storage which can provide low response times. The total I/O requirements are 75000 IOPs with a 4 KB block size. They will have 500 LUNs and need to keep 30 daily snapshots of each LUN. What is the smallest XtremIO configuration that will meet their needs?

A.    1 cluster with 2 X-Bricks
B.    1 cluster with 4 X-Bricks
C.    2 clusters with 1 X-Brick each
D.    2 clusters with 2 X-Bricks each

Answer: A

When installing a physical XtremIO Management Server (XMS) station, which requirement must be met?

A.    XMS must be able to access one of the management ports on one X-Brick storage controller in the cluster.
B.    XMS must be able to access only the management ports on the first X-Brick’s storage controllers.
C.    XMS must be able to access all management ports on the X-Brick storage controllers.
D.    XMS must be able to access all management ports on at least two X-Brick storage controllers in the cluster.

Answer: C
The XMS must access all management ports on the X-Brick Storage Controllers, and must be accessible by any GUI/CLI client host machine. (page 48)

A customer has decided to use VMware Horizon View as their desktop virtualization technology. Their VDI environment will consist of XtremIO storage and ESXi hosts. They are looking for increased speed and low latencies while performing file copy operations. What should the setting for VAAI XCOPY I/O size be set to in order to achieve this requirement?

A.    8 KB
B.    63 KB
C.    256 KB
D.    4 MB

Answer: C
The VAAI XCOPY I/O size of 256 KB gives the best performance. 4 MB is the default value. (page 57)

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