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A company wants to build an IaaS cloud to host cloud-native applications. On which areas should a cloud architect focus when gathering requirements for this cloud design?

A.    Automation, multi-tenancy, and hardware availability
B.    Automation, hardware availability, and policy compliance
C.    Hardware availability, policy compliance, and multi-tenancy
D.    Policy compliance, automation, and multi-tenancy

Answer: C
* Multi-tenancy
Infrastructure as a Service is very similar to what we’ve known as hosting or collocation services, just painted with bright cloudy colors. Multi-tenant services are any services that you offer to multiple customers, or “tenants.” In most cases, IaaS and multi-tenant services mean the same thing, although you could also implement storage- or database-related multi-tenant service.
* Hardware
In the case of IaaS the computing resource provided is specifically that of virtualised hardware, in other words, computing infrastructure.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet.

An organization is developing a cloud-native social-media website. The website will be written using elastic principles. When the website scales, it can add additional web, application and database instances to meet dynamic workload demand. Which additional resources will be consumed by replication as the database layer expands?

A.    Public IP addresses, CPU, and memory
B.    CPU, memory, and network traffic
C.    Network traffic, public IP addresses, and CPU
D.    Memory, network traffic, and public IP addresses

Answer: B

A cloud design contains multiple hosts that are running a hypervisor. Each host has only two physical 10 Gb network adapters that are aggregated for bandwidth and failover. The physical switch ports for each host are configured as access ports. Each host will support numerous virtual machines and network segments. These virtual machines will communicate with other virtual machines on the same network segments. Why would overlay networks be required for this design?

A.    Support for more than two virtual switches
B.    Support for more than one virtual segment
C.    Support for more than two virtual machines
D.    Support for more than one distributed virtual switch

Answer: B
An overlay network is a computer network that is built on top of another network. Nodes in the overlay network can be thought of as being connected by virtual or logical links, each of which corresponds to a path, perhaps through many physical links, in the underlying network. Virtual overlay networks use tunneling protocols to extend isolated network segments between servers for multi-tenant data center networks.

An organization wants to deploy a service catalog in a private cloud. What requirements are met by using a service catalog?

A.    Ability for administrators to manage multi-tenancy
B.    Ability for users to measure service performance
C.    Ability for users to aggregate service logs
D.    Ability for administrators to attach storage pools

Answer: B
Benefits of implementing and maintaining a service catalog include allowing an enterprise to track and manage metrics that represent the utilization of services and service-related traits, such as those associated with service supply and demand.

When implementing QoS across a cloud network, how is storage traffic usually prioritized?

A.    Most important
B.    More important than tenant traffic but less important than management traffic
C.    More important than management traffic but less important than tenant traffic
D.    Least improtant

Answer: C

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