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Which feature is included with VMAX All Flash F package?

A.    SRDF/S
B.    Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE)
C.    Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM)
D.    SRDF/Metro

Answer: C
Explanation: (page 1)

A company has two VMAX3 arrays, both are configured with eNAS. The company wants to make multiple copies of their file system volumes while using minimal additional space. Which EMC technology will meet the requirement without additional hardware?

A.    TimeFinder
B.    SnapSure
C.    SRDF
D.    Replicator

Answer: A

A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot of source volumes has been linked to target volumes. The target volumes are being used for application testing. What should be done prior to a relink operation?

A.    Continue accessing the source volumes, stop accessing the target volumes.
B.    Continue accessing the source and target volumes.
C.    Stop accessing the source and target volumes.
D.    Stop accessing the source volumes, continue accessing the target volumes

Answer: A

You are planning a migration from a VMAX to a new VMAX3. What will allow SRDF device pairing when the source device is configured with an odd number of cylinders?

A.    Geometry Compatible Mode
B.    SRDF FAST Coordination
C.    Data Integrity Field
D.    Multi-Cycle Mode

Answer: A

What is the EMC_smasdb service on a Unisphere for VMAX Windows server?

A.    Unisphere for VMAX performance database service
B.    Solutions Enabler SYMAPI server daemon
C.    Solutions Enabler statistics daemon
D.    Unisphere for VMAX application service

Answer: A

A storage administrator wants to verify the state of the SLO compliance application data hosted on a VMAX3. Where can the information be found in Unisphere for VMAX?

A.    Storage Group Dashboard
B.    Storage Resource Pool
C.    Service Level Dashboard
D.    Hosts Dashboard

Answer: A

Which type of RDF devices are used in Cascaded SRDF environments?

A.    R11
B.    R12
C.    R21
D.    R22

Answer: C

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