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A host with an OLTP workload is configured with five standard devices on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX. In the host LVM, the storage is configured into a concatenated logical volume. The back-end storage consists of Fibre Channel disk drives. The host has two HBAs zoned to two FAs. The workload hits a ceiling at around 66% of the peak workload requirements with high random reads. At peak times: … What is a likely solution to this problem?

A.    Add striped metavolumes
B.    Add standard devices to the existing LVM volume
C.    Add more HBAs to the host
D.    Add more FAs to the storage devices

Answer: A

A company needs to comply with data-at-rest security on a server currently in use and connected to an EMC Symmetrix VMAX. Which security feature will satisfy this requirement?

A.    PowerPath Encryption
B.    Access Control
C.    RSA enVision
D.    IPSec

Answer: A

A company has tasked you with connecting their new ESXi hosts to their EMC VMAX array and will be using Native Multi-Pathing (NMP). You have decided to stay with the default NMP policy for this project. On an ESXi host, what is the default NMP policy when connecting to an Active/Active array such as Symmetrix?

A.    Fixed
B.    MRU
C.    Round Robin
D.    Symopt

Answer: A

A customer has asked you to help them create a local restartable clone of production data without putting the Oracle database into hot backup mode. Which TimeFinder/Clone operation is required?

A.    symclone activate -consistent
B.    symclone activate
C.    symclone activate -not_ready
D.    symclone activate -concurrent

Answer: D

EMC Symmetrix VMAX devices 0AB and 019 are allocated to a UNIX server. Devices 0AB and 019 are two-member meta devices: device 019 and device 0AB. The storage administrator found that the utilization of device 019 is much higher than device 0AB. How is the write pending limit allocated?

A.    Devices 0AB and 019 get exactly the same limit, regardless of their utilization.
B.    Write pending limit of a device varies depending upon utilization.
C.    Write pending limit of device 0AB will be higher than device 019.
D.    Write pending limit of device 019 will be higher than device 0AB.

Answer: A

Storage from an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array has been presented to a number of ESXi servers. The number of LUNs seen by any ESXi server is less than 30 and the LUN numbers are consecutive. Which VMware parameter can be modified to improve the LUN discovery process during a rescan?

A.    Disk.SupportSparseLUN
B.    Scsi.SCSIScanOnDriverLoad
C.    Scsi.MaxReserveTime
D.    Disk.DelayOnBusy

Answer: A

A storage administrator is planning to configure an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array for a few critical Microsoft Windows application servers. The array is running Enginuity 5875 and has a mixture of SATA, FC, and EFD disks installed. The application servers all require a mix of high performance and low performance capacity. Which Symmetrix feature should be used to ensure the most dynamic and efficient use of the array with the best performance possible for all applications?

B.    FAST
C.    Symmetrix Priority Controls
D.    Virtual Provisioning

Answer: A

A company is evaluating SRDF/Star. They are concerned that the RDF daemon represents a single point of failure. How could this concern be addressed?

A.    RDF daemons will be deployed on multiple management stations at the workload site.
The RDF daemons will cooperate with each other.
B.    The RDF daemon process runs on the Symmetrix array and has built-in redundancy.
C.    The RDF daemon process runs on the Symmetrix array.
If the workload site RDF daemon fails, the RDF daemon from one of the other sites will take over.
D.    RDF daemons will be deployed on one management station at each of the three sites.
If the workload site RDF daemon fails, one of the RDF daemons from the other two sites will take over.

Answer: A

You have just upgraded a vSphere environment to use PowerPath/VE instead of NMP. The next step in your installation is to license PowerPath/VE. Which command is used to register PowerPath/VE licensing on a vSphere ESXi host?

A.    rpowermt
B.    powermt
C.    emcpreg
D.    esxcli nmp

Answer: A

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