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What are valid actions to use with the symrdf command?

A.    suspend, resume, set mode, failover, failback.
B.    suspend, resume, write_enable, terminate.
C.    resume, establish, failover, failback, activate.
D.    resume, restore, recreate, create, split.

Answer: A

A Symmetrix storage administrator wants to use Virtual LUN Migration DP to migrate data to configured space. How are both the source and target volumes specified when using SYMCLI?

A.    Device files
B.    Device groups
C.    Physical disk groups
D.    Storage groups

Answer: A

Which command can be used to backup all the masking information to a file and restore them from a backup file?

A.    symaccess
B.    symdg
C.    symcg
D.    symsg

Answer: A

As a Storage consultant for a Symmetrix VMAX array, you are helping with installing and managing the storage array with Uniphere for VMAX. Which type of configuration can be used to achieve this?

A.    Local or Remote.
B.    Local or Storage.
C.    Remote or Server.
D.    Local or Server.

Answer: A

Which command is used to create a port group specifying the Symmetrix front-end port through which the storage will be visible to the host?

A.    symaccess create -sid 80 -name PG -type port -dirport 7F:1
B.    symaccess create -sid 80 -name PG -type port
C.    symaccess create -sid 80 -name PG -type storage -dirport 7F:1
D.    symaccess create -sid 80 -name PG -type storage

Answer: A

Click on the calculator icon in the upper left corner. A financial services customer has just been acquired by a larger corporation. The new Chief Information Officer (CIO) requires a review of the current RTO and RPO for all applications servicing customer data. The CIO has stated that access to customer data must meet five 9’s of availability on a monthly basis. Which RTO and RPO are required?

A.    RTO <= 25 seconds, RPO <= 25 seconds
B.    RTO <= 4 minutes, RPO <= 4 minutes
C.    RTO <= 5 minutes, RPO <= 5 minutes
D.    RTO <= 40 minutes, RPO <= 40 minutes

Answer: A

What is an accurate statement about dynamic Symmetrix tiers?

A.    Involves less management overhead than static tiers.
B.    Required for use with FAST VP but not FAST.
C.    May be used with FAST VP and FAST.
D.    Mixes technology (FC, SATA, and EFD) but not RAID protection.

Answer: A

A customer is considering an upgrade from a CLARiiON CX4 to VMAX 10K. They want to keep using the data on the CLARiiON LUNs. Which solution would work?

A.    Federated Live Migration.
B.    External provisioning with Federated Tiered Storage.
C.    Standard encapsulation with Federated Tiered Storage.
D.    Virtual encapsulation with Federated Tiered Storage.

Answer: D

When a Federated Live Migration session is in a FailedBack state, what is the only command that will succeed?

A.    Terminate
B.    Create
C.    Activate
D.    Failback

Answer: A

You are installing a Symmetrix VMAX storage array running Enginuity 5876. The customer has an older Symmetrix VMAX array running Enginuity 5874 and wants to update to Solutions Enabler 7.5. What license type is required for the VMAX array running Enginuity 5874?

A.    Host-based license
B.    Electronic license
C.    SMC license
D.    Capacity-based license

Answer: A

Which statements best describe virtual LUN migration functionalities?

A.    – Moves data within the same array.
– Can change disk type.
– Does not affect local replication.
B.    – Supports thick devices only.
– Moves data within the same array.
– Affects remote replication.
C.    – Will not disrupt hosts or applications.
– Supports thin devices only.
– Does not affect replication.
D.    – Migrating data to different array.
– Cannot change disk type.
– Does not affect remote replication.

Answer: A

In a single-hop SRDF/AR setup, the options have been set as follows:
– Cycle Time = 3000
– Delay Time = 2000
– Overflow = Next
The symreplicate session was started at time 0. The actual cycle time was 4500 seconds. How many seconds after the start of the first cycle will the next cycle start?

A.    4500
B.    6000
C.    6500
D.    9000

Answer: D

A customer wants to create 4 copies of a LUN per day and they want to implement clones. They establish each clone session at fixed intervals of 6 hours, starting at midnight, then at 6 AM, then at noon and finally at 6 PM. They are concerned that it will take too long from creating each session to the point where they can actually start using the data on the clone. What should be done so the clones can be used as quickly as possible?

A.    The clone is immediately usable after activating the session.
B.    The “Recreate” option should be used instead of the “create” option.
C.    The “CopyOnAccess” option should be added to the command.
D.    The “Precopy” option should be added to the command.

Answer: A

How is performance improved in TimeFinder/Snap operations?

A.    Tracks are striped in a Round Robin manner across the Save Pool.
B.    Tracks are concatenated to the Save Pool.
C.    A dedicated cpu is used for the TimeFinder/Snap operations.
D.    All Save devices are served by a dedicated director.

Answer: A

When using autoprovisioning on a Symmetrix VMAX array, which type of objects can be cascaded?

A.    Initiator Group and Storage Group.
B.    Port Group and Storage Group.
C.    Initiator Group and Masking View.
D.    Masking View and Port Group.

Answer: A

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