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A system administrator has configured a Unity storage system using the Initial Configuration wizard. After completing the wizard, the administrator discovers that an incorrect IP address has been assigned to the Unity system. How can the IP address be changed?

A.    The IP address cannot be changed once it has been configured.
B.    Through the Service interface using the ifconfig command.
C.    In the Unisphere Settings menu.
D.    The IP address can only be changed using the UEMCLI.

Answer: D

What is the maximum number of LUNs in a Consistency Group?

A.    25
B.    50
C.    75
D.    100

Answer: D

A user is having difficulty troubleshooting a Unity storage system and the service provider has been contacted for assistance. The service provider needs to run some service commands on the Storage Processors to troubleshoot the issue further. Which step must be taken to allow the service provider remote access to the storage system?

A.    Enable SSH on the storage system
B.    Set the Unisphere preferences to “Optimize” for remote access
C.    Specify the SMTP configuration
D.    Specify the Remote Logging configuration

Answer: B

When the LUN Snapshot Attach to Host operation is performed, what does the Unity system optionally do before beginning the attach process?

A.    Creates a snapshot of the LUN
B.    Detaches the host from the snapshots of any other LUN
C.    Creates a copy of the snapshot
D.    Deletes all other existing snapshots of the LUN

Answer: C

A storage administrator wants to configure a Unity system to log system events to a remote log server. In order to allow access to the log server, which port should the administrator ensure is not blocked by the firewall?

A.    514
B.    714
C.    1000
D.    5179

Answer: D

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