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Your customer is looking for a storage solution that will be able to store seven million three MB files which are written and seldom accessed. Read and write operations are both completed by a web based application, which requires 1.3 Gbps throughput. The customer’s network has not been upgraded in many years, so the network interfaces are 1Gbps. Which cluster configuration would best meet the customer’s requirements?

A.    3 NL400 nodes
B.    3 X400 nodes
C.    4 X200 nodes
D.    5 S200 nodes

Answer: C

Your customer has a new business unit. They are gathering web log files to be analyzed. They are using Hadoop to do the analysis of the logs. The IT department is centrally storing the log files on a fivenode Isilon cluster. They have enabled the Hadoop cluster to access the files directly. The nodes are X400’s with two SSD drives in each node and 96 GB of RAM. How many Data Nodes does the Isilon Cluster have?

A.    1
B.    5
C.    10
D.    15

Answer: B

You have scheduled a meeting with a prospective customer in the Life Sciences vertical market. Which Isilon features should be presented to them?

A.    SyncIQ, Antivirus, 10 GigE support and HDFS.
B.    SmartPools, HDFS, 10 GigE support and SmartQuotas.
C.    SmartLock, HDFS, SmartPools and SmartQuotas.
D.    SyncIQ, SmartLock, HDFS and SmartConnect.

Answer: B

An existing customer has two NAS systems providing NFS storage in their main data center, one is an Isiloncluster and the second is an array from another vendor. Both systems are four years old, and the customer would like to consolidate the storage into a single solution. According to the customer, both systems support identical workloads with similar performance and utilization, and they want the new solution to support 50% performance growth. Which method can model the workload requirements, and what multiplier will capture the requirements for the new solution?

A.    Use isi statistics drives, and multiply by 1.5.
B.    Use isi statistics system, and multiply by 3.
C.    Use isi statistics protocol, and multiply by 3.
D.    Use isi statistics query, and multiply by 2.

Answer: B

A customer wants to add Unix users to their cluster, and requires that NFS access be fault tolerant. What would you recommend?

A.    Use NFS v3 and dynamic IP addressing with SmartConnect Basic.
B.    Use NFS v4 and dynamic IP addressing with SmartConnect Basic.
C.    Use NFS v3 and dynamic IP addressing with SmartConnect Advanced.
D.    Use NFS v4 and dynamic IP addressing with SmartConnect Advanced.

Answer: C

Your customer has an Isilon 4-node X400 cluster used for home directory use, and has since updated to OneFS 7.0. The HR and Legal departments have been very strict about using only dedicated file servers that are part of a single, isolated, untrusted Active Directory domain. Their filer has been out of maintenance, and fears are being raised that, due to the age, it may fail at some point. What could the IT department do, to allow the HR and Legal groups to provide file share services, with minimal impact to their other application permissions?

A.    Utilize SmartPools to create two pools to separate the domains.
B.    Recommend a 2nd cluster for the HR/Legal department.
C.    Use Access Zones for each domain.
D.    Consolidate onto a single cluster and merge the domains.

Answer: C

A Media and Entertainment company is considering changing from 2K resolution to 4K resolution. They will continue to use the DNxHD 220 codec. Assuming everything else stays the same, how will this change affect storage?

A.    Storage will be half as large.
B.    Storage will be four times as large.
C.    Storage will be twice as large.
D.    Storage requirements will not change.

Answer: B

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