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An organization wants to build a pilot cloud for developers to learn and practice cloud-native application design. The organization expects that the cloud will host many tiny instances that will use few resources. What accurately describes the optimal CPU and memory configuration?

A.    High CPU core count and high memory capacity
B.    High CPU core count and moderate memory capacity
C.    Moderate CPU core count and moderate memory capacity
D.    Moderate CPU core count and high memory capacity

Answer: C

An organization is considering the use of a cloud gateway to backup services to a public cloud. They will use their existing backup application. What is a design consideration?

A.    Ensuring the cloud storage provider is using the same compression algorithm as the backup software
B.    Ensuring data is encrypted and key management is defined
C.    Ensuring the cloud storage provider is using the same PKI solution as the organization
D.    Ensuring the backup application supports the same authentication mechanism as the public cloud provider

Answer: B

What is a benefit of a service catalog?

A.    Handles every IT request simultaneously
B.    Allows users to customize tenant roles
C.    Services do not have to meet the standards set by the business
D.    Enables the application of quotas on resources to control cost

Answer: D

What are key benefits of ITaaS compared to traditional IT processes?

A.    Tiered services, integrated inventory management, and SLA-driven profit model
B.    Service catalog, SLA-driven management, and chargeback
C.    Strong policies, DevOps, and software licensing
D.    Ticket-based service model, cost, and chargeback

Answer: B

Which infrastructure does VCE Vblock represent?

A.    Brownfield
B.    Traditional
C.    Hyper-converged
D.    Converged

Answer: D
Vblock is the brand name VCE uses for racks containing the components of its data center products. Prepackaging, called converged infrastructure, allows customers to select preconfigured and integrated solutions, with predictable units of power, weight, cooling, and geometry for data center planning purposes.

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