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A storage administrator wants to continue using a TimeFinder SnapVX target from a host after the corresponding snapshot has been terminated. Which action will allow continued access to target data?

A.    Link with Copy mode.
B.    Link with NoCopy mode.
C.    Relink with NoCopy mode.
D.    Restore the linked target to the production volume.

Answer: A

Where is the automatic backup feature for the Solutions Enabler Group Name Services (GNS) database set?

A.    Daemon options file
B.    Installation wizard
C.    SYMAPI options file
D.    Unisphere for VMAX

Answer: A

When navigating Unisphere for VMAX 8.0, which menu can be used to manage volumes?

A.    Storage
B.    Hosts
C.    System Dashboard
D.    System Settings

Answer: A

In Unisphere for VMAX, what is the minimum Storage System role required to view Security Settings?

A.    Auditor
B.    StorageAdmin
C.    SecurityAdmin
D.    Monitor

Answer: A

An application is using four VMAX3 devices. A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot of the Storage Group containing these devices is created at 10 AM. The storage administrator adds another device to this Storage Group at 2 PM. A second snapshot of the Storage Group is created at 3 PM. A restore operation is performed at 4 PM using the 3 PM snapshot. What will be the status of the newly added device, after the restore operation?

A.    Read/Write enabled
B.    Not Ready
C.    Write disabled
D.    Failed

Answer: A

In the Unisphere for VMAX “Provision Storage” window, what happens when “Add Service Level” is selected?

A.    A new child Storage Group will be created.
B.    A new SLO will be created.
C.    A new Workload Type will be created.
D.    An existing SLO will be applied to the Masking View.

Answer: A

When selecting an available service level objective, which SLO emulates 15K RPM performance?

A.    Gold
B.    Diamond
C.    Platinum
D.    Silver

Answer: A

What can be used to minimize SRDF asynchronous replication from impacting SRDF synchronous replication on the same RF ports?

A.    Use the symqos command to enable I/O resource distribution on the affected RF ports.
B.    Use the symqos command to set a RDF pace value for the SRDF asynchronous volumes.
C.    SRDF asynchronous and synchronous replication is not supported on the same RF port.
D.    Enable SRDF coordination for the asynchronous volumes.

Answer: A

Which information is required to discover a VMware ESXi host in the Virtual Servers page of Unisphere for VMAX?

A.    IP address of the new hostCredentials of the ESXi hostServer Type = VMware.
B.    IP address of the vCenterCredentials of the vCenterServer Type = VMware.
C.    IP address of the VMCredentials of the VMServer Type = ESXi.
D.    IP address of the ESXi hostCredentials of the ESXi hostServer Type = ESXi.

Answer: A

A storage administrator has set the I/O limit on a VMAX3 Storage Group to 1000 IO/Sec. The I/O distribution has been set to the default mode. One of the directors in the associated two-director Port Group has failed. What will the I/O limit be on the director that is still online?

A.    500 IO/Sec
B.    750 IO/Sec
C.    1000 IO/Sec
D.    2000 IO/Sec

Answer: A

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