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Which activity is carried out during the service termination phase of the cloud service lifecycle?

A.    De-provisioning the service instance
B.    Asking for the service contract
C.    Establishing the billing policy
D.    Providing the final service assessment report

Answer: A

In which phase of the cloud service lifecycle are service instances de-provisioned?

A.    Service termination
B.    Service creation
C.    Service operation
D.    Service planning

Answer: A

What is a benefit of service orchestration?

A.    Reduced service provisioning time
B.    Enhanced service portability across clouds
C.    Improved conformity to service contract
D.    Automated service portfolio management

Answer: A

What could be a reason for a consumer-initiated service termination?

A.    The service performance is not acceptable.
B.    The consumer violates terms of the contract.
C.    The service provider exits from the cloud business.
D.    The contract agreement terminates naturally.

Answer: A

What needs to be considered before performing the discovery activity in a cloud?

A.    Frequency of information collection
B.    Terms of service contract
C.    Impact on service catalog
D.    Impact on workflow structure

Answer: A

In which step of the service enablement roadmap is the existing IT infrastructure transformed to deliver the required cloud services?

A.    Build
B.    Plan
C.    Understand
D.    Enable

Answer: A

Which activity is carried out during the `Plan’ step of the service enablement roadmap?

A.    Analyzing the gap between existing IT capability and expected IT capability.
B.    Understanding the business value that the services can bring.
C.    Optimizing the cloud infrastructure and services to an evolving business strategy.
D.    Transforming the existing IT infrastructure to deliver services as planned.

Answer: A

Which factors should be considered when establishing a billing policy for cloud services?

A.    Provider’s business goals and service-specific pricing strategy.
B.    Provider’s chargeback requirement and personalization policy.
C.    Service level objectives and service termination policy.
D.    Service enablement roadmap and de-provisioning strategy.

Answer: A

Which statement describes the service portfolio management function?

A.    Defining the suite of service offerings that aligns to the provider’s strategic business goals.
B.    Maintaining deployed services to ensure that service levels are delivered as committed.
C.    Creating an inventory of service assets that provides information about asset configurations.
D.    Meeting the required capacity demands for all services in a cost effective and timely manner.

Answer: A

What is a function of financial management?

A.    Provide necessary business cases for investment.
B.    Evaluate quality and cost of supplied products against the SLA.
C.    Procure capacity in the most cost-effective manner.
D.    Meet availability needs with a justifiable return on investment.

Answer: A

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