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Which statement is true regarding vRPAs?

A.    vRPAs are deployed using the OVA template.
B.    The proper license must be installed before vRPA deployment.
C.    vRPAs can be connected to storage through the VNX splitter in the RecoverPoint/SE system.
D.    vRPAs are installed using Unisphere for RecoverPoint.

Answer: A

After selecting a cluster in the RPA Clusters tab, which option can display alerts that have been logged for any of the physical components of the RecoverPoint system in that cluster?

A.    General Cluster Info
B.    Overall Health
C.    System Events
D.    System Notifications

Answer: A

You are concerned about the performance of the RecoverPoint replication. Some of the Consistency Groups continue to go into High Load. Initial troubleshooting points to a data compression issue. Which command will determine if compression is set too high?

A.    detect_bottlenecks
B.    get_events_log
C.    top
D.    config_io_throttling

Answer: A

An administrator performs a Consistency Group failover to a remote cluster. What happens to the data stored in the copy journal after the copy journal becomes the production journal?

A.    It is deleted.
B.    It is replicated to the journal at the production site.
C.    It is replicated to the journal volume at the DR site.
D.    It remains as accessible snapshots at the DR site.

Answer: A

You are implementing a RecoverPoint/SE cluster using vRPAs. What must be configured and available on the new VNX array prior to the installation of the cluster with Deployment Manager?

A.    An iSCSI interface from SPA and SPB of the VNX.
B.    Zones from SPA and SPB FC ports to the ESX servers.
C.    Zones from SPA and SPB FC ports to the Virtual WWNs of the vRPAs.
D.    Physical connections from the ESX HBAs to the FC interfaces of SPA and SPB.

Answer: A

When adding a new vRPA, what is the only storage authentication method that is supported?

A.    CHAP
B.    iSNS
D.    LDAP

Answer: A

A VPLEX write splitter can be shared with how many RecoverPoint clusters?

A.    5
B.    6
C.    8
D.    10

Answer: B

Which type of Consistency Group requires a primary and secondary production copy?

A.    MetroPoint
B.    Synchronous
C.    Distributed
D.    Asynchronous

Answer: A

Which FA ports must the production LUN be mapped to in order to perform write splitting using the VMAX splitter?

A.    The ports zoned to both the Host and the RPAs only.
B.    Every available port; the RPAs access the VMAX through the gatekeepers.
C.    The ports zoned to the Production Host only.
D.    The ports zoned to the RPAs only.

Answer: A

When registering the RPA with a VNX to enable a VNX splitter for RecoverPoint, what failover mode must be set on the VNX?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: D

A customer environment uses VMAX arrays for production storage. The customer wants to implement RecoverPoint for data protection. Having researched vRPAs, they want to use this technology as well. What should you advise them?

A.    vRPAs are only supported with VNX arrays.
B.    Add iSCSI interfaces to their VMAX arrays.
C.    Use vRPAs with FC connections to the SAN.
D.    Implement FCoE for connections from the vRPAs.

Answer: A

What is a possible trigger to initiate RecoverPoint Snap-based Replication?

A.    High Load condition detected.
B.    RecoverPoint snapshot takes place.
C.    INIT snapshot takes place.
D.    Incoming date marked on Delta Marker stream.

Answer: A

Which ports from a VPLEX Metro system must be zoned to the RPAs in order to install the VPLEX write splitter?

A.    FE and BE ports.
B.    FE ports only.
C.    BE ports only.
D.    FA ports.

Answer: A

Which tool do you need in order to run the save_settings command from a Windows command prompt?

A.    PLink
B.    PuTTY
C.    CuteFTP
D.    WinSCP

Answer: A

You are responsible for installing a four-node RPA cluster. All RPAs are powered on. Both the FC and IP networks are connected, zoned, and routed properly. The RPAs are loaded with the latest image and IP addresses are set. However, Deployment Manager cannot discover RPAs. What is a possible cause?

A.    Port 22 not open between host running Deployment Manager and RPAs.
B.    Deployment Manager host and RPAs on different subnets.
C.    DHCP not used to set IP addresses for RPAs.
D.    RPAs not installed separately using Deployment Manager.

Answer: A

A VMware user is currently protecting their virtual application servers with RecoverPoint. All data is stored on two VNX arrays. They will soon be adding Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to their VMware infrastructure. What will be needed to integrate RecoverPoint functionality into their SRM deployment?

A.    EMC Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for RecoverPoint only.
B.    EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI).
C.    EMC Storage Replication Adapters (SRAs) for VNX and RecoverPoint.
D.    vSphere SRM Plug-in for Unisphere for RecoverPoint.

Answer: A

A RecoverPoint cluster contains a Consistency Group with one remote copy. Which volume can be used to verify that snapshots are being created?

A.    Remote copy
B.    Production copy
C.    Repository
D.    Snap copy

Answer: A

What information is required to connect a new RecoverPoint cluster to an existing one?

A.    WAN IP address and internal cluster name
B.    RPA serial ID
C.    Site ID and Management IP address
D.    Internal cluster name only

Answer: A

A conversion from RecoverPoint/SE to RecoverPoint/EX was just completed. What is the next required step?

A.    Remove RecoverPoint/SE license, then add RecoverPoint/EX license.
B.    Add RecoverPoint/EX license directly, because the newly added license will replace the existing one.
C.    Run a health check of RecoverPoint/EX.
D.    Reconfigure the Consistency Groups.

Answer: A

Which statement is true about Logged Access mode?

A.    RecoverPoint will roll back (or forward) the snapshots until the selected image is reached.
B.    RecoverPoint creates a virtual disk by pulling the needed data either from the snapshots or from the storage.
C.    RecoverPoint will retrieve the snapshot from the Image Access log.
D.    When Logged Access is disabled, all writes made to the image will be saved to the journal.

Answer: A

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