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Which Service Level is available on a VMAX All Flash array?

A.    Gold
B.    Platinum
C.    Diamond
D.    Silver

Answer: C
Explanation: (page 13)

What is the minimum cycle time that can be set for SRDF/A Multi-Session Consistency?

A.    1 seconds
B.    3 seconds
C.    5 seconds
D.    15 seconds

Answer: A
Explanation: (page 33)

Which VMAX3 objects can be configured with Unisphere for VMAX and SYMCLI?

A.    Disk groups, Data Pools, and Storage Resource Pools.
B.    Disk groups, Data Pools, and autoprovisioning groups.
C.    Thin devices and autoprivisioning groups.
D.    Thin devices, Storage Resource Pools, and Masking Views.

Answer: A

Which objects are pre-configured at the factory in a VMAX3 array?

A.    Disk Groups, Data Pools, and one Storage Resource Pool.
B.    Storage Resource Pools and Masking Views.
C.    Disk Groups, Data Pools, and Storage Groups.
D.    Data Pools, Storage Resource Pools, and Port Groups.

Answer: A

Which VMAX3 FAST data movement algorithms are performance related?

A.    Disk resource protection and SLO response time compliance.
B.    SLO capacity compliance and SLO response time compliance.
C.    SRP capacity compliance and Disk resource protection.
D.    SRP capacity compliance and SLO capacity compliance.

Answer: A

You are in a meeting with a customer to discuss virtual provisioning on VMAX3 arrays. The customer wants information on extent allocation during thin device creation. How many extent(s) are allocated when a thin device is created?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    12
D.    42

Answer: A

You are in the process of designing a VMAX3 solution. One of the applications requires performance equivalent to Flash disks. Which Service Level Objective should be recommended?

A.    Diamond
B.    Platinum
C.    Optimized
D.    Gold

Answer: A

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