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Which aspect of the project definition does the cloud design scope provide?

A.    Broad directions for the project
B.    Boundaries of what the project should and should not include
C.    Sales figures that must be met when designing the project
D.    Specific features or functions that must be included in the project

Answer: B

Which type of storage is optimal for high performance and low latency applications?

A.    File
B.    Object
C.    Block
D.    Cluster

Answer: C
Block storage has been king of the hill for performance-centric applications.

Which categories of network traffic should be isolated from inter-host communication and each other?

A.    Logging and messaging
B.    Cloud services and administration
C.    Administration and storage
D.    Messaging and storage

Answer: B

You are creating a cloud infrastructure design for an organization. You learn that, for compliance reasons, the organization needs to maintain a separate set of infrastructures for certain deployed services. Which part of the design will be impacted by this requirement?

A.    Number of service catalogs
B.    Number of compute pools
C.    Service catalog sizing
D.    Over-commitment ratio

Answer: B

A cloud architect is designing a private cloud for an organization. The organization has no existing backup infrastructure. They want to offer consumers the ability to backup virtual machine instances using image-based backups. What should the cloud architect look for when selecting a backup application for this environment?

A.    Virtual machine hardware is on the backup application vendor’s compatibility list
B.    Hypervisor servers’ hardware is on the backup application vendor’s compatibility list
C.    Backup application can be integrated with the selected CMP components
D.    Backup application supports a cloud gateway for accessing the cloud-based virtual machines

Answer: D
A cloud storage gateway provides basic protocol translation and simple connectivity to allow the incompatible technologies to communicate transparently. The gateway can make cloud storage appear to be a NAS filer, a block storage array, a backup target or even an extension of the application itself.

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