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Which image represents the correct sequence of steps in a Kerberos mechanism?

A.    passleader-E10-002-dumps-711
B.    passleader-E10-002-dumps-712
C.    passleader-E10-002-dumps-713
D.    passleader-E10-002-dumps-714

Answer: A

Which RAID type uses parity to protect against data loss?

A.    RAID 3
B.    RAID 0
C.    RAID 1
D.    Nested

Answer: B

Which protocol is most commonly used for compute-to-computer communication?

A.    TCP/IP
B.    FC
C.    FCIP
D.    iSCSI

Answer: D

Which document specifies the quality and reliability of Cloud services?

A.    Service Level Agreement
B.    Regulatory Compliance Document
C.    Service Charge Rate Specification
D.    Service Termination Agreement

Answer: C

In the event of a virtual machine failure, which technique provides zero downtime?

A.    Fault tolerance
B.    Clone
C.    Snapshot
D.    Backup

Answer: D

Which Cloud service management process ensures that configuration best practices are followed when creating Cloud services?

A.    Service Asset and Configuration Management
B.    Compliance Management
C.    Capacity Management
D.    Performance Management

Answer: B

Which Cloud service management process is used to perform trend analysis of resource consumption and to plan future resource requirements?

A.    Capacity Management
B.    Service Asset and Configuration Management
C.    Resource Planning Management
D.    Availability Management

Answer: A

Which operation is performed by user access management software?

A.    Monitor allocation and usage of resources associated with Cloud service instances
B.    Manage bundling of application and platform software
C.    Manage multiple grade levels for each type of user resource pool
D.    Enable users to create virtual infrastructure from physical infrastructure

Answer: A

A Cloud service provider decides to close its business due to legal litigation. Which Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) document would safeguard the interests of its clients?

A.    Termination Agreement
B.    Service Implementation Guide
C.    Business Continuity Agreement
D.    Service Level Agreement

Answer: A

Refer to the Exhibit. With which elements can the virtual machines (VMs) connected to the ports in private virtual LAN (PVLAN) 101 communicate?

A.    With each other and with the IP router only.
B.    With the IP router and the VMs connected to the ports in PVLAN 102.
C.    With each other, the IP router, and the VMs connected to the ports in PVLAN 102.
D.    With the IP router and the VMs connected to the ports in PVLAN 103.

Answer: A

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