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A company has 50 clients backing up to an EMC Avamar server. The storage administrator has decided to enable desktop/laptop (DTLT) support for several of the Microsoft Windows client machines. Where is this support enabled?

A.    Avamar client software installation.
B.    Avamar Windows Client Options menu.
C.    Avamar Administrator Policy window.
D.    Windows File System plug-in.

Answer: A

What are members of an EMC Avamar group policy?

A.    Dataset, Schedule, and Retention.
B.    Profile, Dataset, and Schedule.
C.    Clients, Profile, and Retention.
D.    Notification, Schedule, and Dataset.

Answer: A

Which type of data can be restored by a user with EMC Avamar Desktop/Laptop (DTLT)?

A.    Only data owned by the user.
B.    Any data backed up from the client.
C.    All data stored on the Avamar server.
D.    All data belonging to clients in the same Avamar domain.

Answer: A

An EMC Avamar storage administrator is creating a single dataset for all Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista desktop/laptop (DTLT) clients. In the source data, the administrator includes C:\Documents and Settings and C:\Users. Which flag needs to be added to prevent the “Path not found” error?


Answer: A

According to EMC Avamar best practices, what is the maximum ratio of database data to file system data that should exist in an Avamar backup environment?

A.    10:90
B.    20:80
C.    30:70
D.    50:50

Answer: B

A storage administrator has successfully configured EMC Avamar to use Microsoft Windows Active Directory external authentication. Which accounts and/or interfaces can be accessed by users set up to use this authentication?

A.    Avamar Administrator, Enterprise Manager, and Web Access.
B.    MCUser, admin, and Enterprise Manager.
C.    Avamar Administrator, root, and dpn.
D.    MCUser, Web Access, and root.

Answer: A

A multi-node EMC Avamar server is backing up clients worldwide. What must the storage administrator keep in mind to help ensure that backup schedules do not conflict with the Avamar server blackout window?

A.    Time basis for a backup schedule is the local time of the Avamar Administrator session.
B.    Time basis for clients is the local time where the Avamar server utility node resides.
C.    Time basis for the GSAN is the local time zone where the server resides.
D.    Time basis for the maintenance schedules is GMT/UTC.

Answer: A

On an EMC Avamar Windows client host, what is the default location for the Avamar software?

A.    C:\program files\avs
B.    C:\program files\avamar
C.    C:\avamar\avs
D.    C:\avmrclnt

Answer: A

You are performing an ad-hoc backup from a Microsoft Windows client. Which log file would you use to investigate communication issues between the Avamar client and the Avamar server utility node?

A.    avagent.log
B.    COD-workorder-Windows.log
C.    MOD-workorder-Windows.log
D.    err.log

Answer: A

How many total concurrent backup jobs can be run on an EMC Avamar server?

A.    17 backup jobs per storage node.
B.    17 backup jobs per storage node, plus 1 per Avamar server.
C.    18 backup jobs per storage node.
D.    18 backup jobs per storage node, minus 1 per Avamar server.

Answer: D

A storage administrator is planning to back up virtual machines residing on an ESX 4.0 server using EMC Avamar and VMware vSphere. What is a characteristic of this type of backup?

A.    Image proxy is located on a virtual machine.
B.    Avamar Interoperability Module must be installed.
C.    All virtual machines must be powered on.
D.    All virtual machines must be running Microsoft Windows 2003.

Answer: A

A company recently deployed an EMC Avamar Gen4 server with Avamar 6.0 software to protect their data. The backup administrator wants system state protection for their critical Microsoft Windows 2003 servers. What is the recommended method?

A.    HomeBase embedded feature.
B.    Windows Server Backup.
C.    NTBackup option.
D.    HomeBase embedded with HomeBase server.

Answer: A

What is a potential impact of having an undersized hash cache on an EMC Avamar client?

A.    More queries to the Avamar server.
B.    Decreased memory swapping.
C.    More backup data sent to the Avamar server.
D.    More chunks are compressed.

Answer: A

A company has just deployed a VMware environment. The EMC Avamar storage administrator wants to ensure they receive the highest level of deduplication within the environment for backups. Which type of backup should be performed?

A.    Guest
B.    ESX console
C.    VCB
D.    vSphere Image

Answer: A

A Microsoft Windows user is about to initiate an on-demand backup from the client interface when the utility node fails on their multi-node EMC Avamar grid. What must be done prior to initiating the backup to ensure the backup will complete successfully?

A.    Nothing. Backups are performed from the client to the storage nodes directly.
B.    The utility node must be replaced and the configuration restored prior to starting the backup.
C.    The spare node must be converted to a utility node and the configuration restored to it prior to starting the backup.
D.    The client must be activated temporarily to the first storage node and then the backup can continue.

Answer: A

What would you run to determine if your EMC Avamar server is running in a steady state?

B.    status.dpn
C.    dpnctl status

Answer: A

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