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The user authentication and system management operations to the VNX with the Unisphere GUI or CLI are performed over the network using which industry standard protocols?

A.    Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Shell (SSH).
B.    Password Authentication Protocol (PAP), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Shell (SSH).
C.    Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and NT LAN Manager (NTLM).
D.    Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Generic Security Services (GSS) and Secure Shell (SSH).

Answer: A

A Storage Administrator is provisioning storage from a VNX array to a Windows 2003 host. Which best practice should be considered to ensure maximum performance?

A.    Align the user data on LUNs on a 1024kB boundary with Diskpart.
B.    Align the user data on LUNs on a 1024kB boundary using the VNX Alignment Offset.
C.    Set the cache page size to 4kB for mixed environments.
D.    Set the cache page size to 16kB for mixed environments.

Answer: A

In which file format can Unisphere monitoring graphical statistics be exported?

A.    .csv
B.    .txt
C.    .pdf
D.    .doc

Answer: A

You are migrating a LUN within a VNX series array to an equal size LUN but with a different RAID type. Which step is required to start using the new LUN?

A.    Nothing. The migration process is non-disruptive.
B.    Ensure the LUN is in the proper storage group at the time of cut-over.
C.    Ensure the size of the destination LUN is equal to or greater than the source LUN.
D.    Quiesce the host prior to final cut-over.

Answer: A

What happens when a reverse synchronization completes without Protected Restore Mode enabled?

A.    Only the reverse-synchronized clone remains unfractured.
B.    Host writes to the source LUN are not mirrored to clone.
C.    All clones will be fractured.
D.    The gold copy clone used for restore will remain as is.

Answer: A

A Storage Administrator is configuring a new VNX array. There are 10 MS Exchange Servers to be connected to this array. What configuration will maximize performance while isolating the backend IO traffic from each host?

A.    Thick LUNs from traditional RAID Groups.
B.    Thick Pool based LUNs from one wide pool.
C.    Thick Pool based LUNs from several isolated pools.
D.    Thin Pool based LUNs from one wide pool.

Answer: A

What will be the status of FAST Cache on the LUNs that were created prior to the installation of Fast Cache Enabler?

A.    FAST Cache will be disabled, but can be enabled manually.
B.    FAST Cache will be enabled automatically on the LUNs after the FAST Cache Enabler is installed.
C.    FAST Cache cannot be enabled on the LUNs that were created before the installation of FAST Cache Enabler.
D.    FAST cache cannot be enabled on the LUN Level but can be enabled at the Storage Pool Level.

Answer: A

What is a valid characteristic of striped metaLUNs?

A.    It must be built from the same RAID types and sizes.
B.    It can mix thick and thin LUNs.
C.    It cannot be expanded once created.
D.    Its components have a varying performance profile.

Answer: A

What is the minimum acceptable number of drives in a RAID 6 pool on a VNX array?

A.    3
B.    4
C.    8
D.    16

Answer: B

A customer has an application that uses a small amount of capacity but has very high performance requirements. Their new VNX is fully virtually provisioned and uses FAST VP storage pools. The customer wants to configure the LUNs for this application on high performance storage. How should the LUNs be initially configured?

A.    Using the Highest Available Tier option.
B.    A traditional RAID-group LUN on Flash drives should be used.
C.    Using the Optimize for Pool Performance option.
D.    A traditional RAID-group LUN on SAS drives should be used.

Answer: A

Which RecoverPoint configuration details can be presented in report format when using Data Protection Advisor?

A.    Replication sets
B.    Replication lag
C.    Link state change
D.    RPA configuration changes

Answer: A

The file system for an SQL database is running low on available capacity. The database is running on a Windows Server 2008 host connected to a VNX Block array. The file system LUN is configured in a FAST VP enabled pool. How can the storage administrator add capacity without disrupting the users?

A.    Expand the LUN online and then extend the file system on the host.
B.    Create a larger LUN then use VNX LUN migration to migrate the data.
C.    Expand the LUN into a MetaLUN and extend the file system on the host.
D.    The LUN cannot be expanded or migrated without disruption to the users.

Answer: A

What specific VNX model uses a Storage Processor Enclosure?

A.    VNX 5700
B.    VNX 5100
C.    VNXe 3300
D.    VNX 5300

Answer: A

A customer has an application that uses a small amount of capacity but has very high performance requirements. The customer initially configured the LUNs using the Highest Available Tier option and now wants to configure the FAST VP policy to ensure LUNs allocated to this application always stay on higher performance storage. What do you advise?

A.    The policy should be set to Highest Available Tier.
B.    Initially set the policy to Lowest Available Tier, then Auto-Tier.
C.    The policy should always be set to Auto-Tier.
D.    Initially set the policy to Highest Available Tier, then Auto-Tier.

Answer: A

Which Linux kernel supports dynamic LUN scanning?

A.    2.3
B.    2.4
C.    2.5
D.    2.6

Answer: D

By default, what do you have to install on an ESX 4.x host to auto register with a VNX for Block storage system?

A.    Nothing; the host will automatically register with the VNX storage system.
B.    Only Unisphere Host Agent on the ESX host.
C.    Only Navisphere Secure CLI on the ESX host.
D.    Both Unisphere Host Agent and Navisphere CLI on the ESX host.

Answer: A

Which EMC software product is used when replacing an I/O module on an EMC VNX Block Only storage system?

A.    Unisphere Service Manager (USM)
B.    Navisphere Service Taskbar (NST)
C.    CLARiiON Array Properties (CAP)
D.    Unisphere Server Utility (USU)

Answer: A

A VNX SnapSure snapshot has recently been created on a production file system (PFS). The second block in the PFS will be modified for the second time. How will SnapSure handle the bitmap value for this file system update?

A.    It remains unchanged; PFS is updated.
B.    It is changed to 1; PFS is updated.
C.    It remains unchanged; SavVol is updated.
D.    It is changed to 1; SavVol is updated.

Answer: A

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