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In a typical multinomial logistic regression analysis involving six outcomes (class labels) and three input variables, how many model parameters will need to be estimated?

A.    9
B.    18
C.    20
D.    24

Answer: B

Which Hadoop Files System shell command copies data from a local file system into HDFS?

A.    rm
B.    cp
C.    put
D.    get

Answer: C

What do first-order and second-order Markov processes have in common concerning next word prediction?

A.    Both use WordNet to model the probability of the next word.
B.    Both are unsupervised methods.
C.    Both provide the foundation to build a trigram language model.
D.    Neither makes assumptions about the probability of the next word.

Answer: C

Given an input vector of features, a Random Forests model performs a classification task and ends in a tie. How does the model handle this outcome?

A.    The model will be rebuilt.
B.    A winner is chosen at random.
C.    The tree that caused the tie is discarded.
D.    One more tree is added to the forest.

Answer: B

Which HDFS feature protects against user errors causing accidental loss of data?

A.    Encryption
B.    Replication
C.    Namenode federation
D.    Snapshots

Answer: B

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