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Consider a virtual machine (VM) with 2 GB memory capacity and 1200 MHz processing power as its lower bounds, and 4 GB memory capacity and 2400 MHz processing power as its upper bounds. What is the effect on the VM if the memory capacity or processing power available to the VM is less than 2 GB and 1200 MHz respectively?

A.    The VM will not power on using this configuration.
B.    The VM will run with degraded performance.
C.    The VM will allow only a few applications to run.
D.    The VM will allow only one operating system to be installed.

Answer: A

Which EMC product provides a solution for software-defined storage?

A.    ViPR
B.    Vblock
C.    VMAX

Answer: A

What is used to prioritize the latency-sensitive network traffic in order to provide better network service in comparison to less critical network traffic?

A.    Quality of Service
B.    Traffic shaping
C.    Network storm control
D.    Multipathing

Answer: A

What is a benefit of hyper-threading?

A.    Improved processor utilization
B.    Reduced processor cost
C.    Concurrent execution of multiple threads
D.    Pool processors across compute systems

Answer: A

Which statement characterizes the software-defined approach for managing resources?

A.    Abstracts the underlying infrastructure components and separates the management functions from the infrastructure components.
B.    Provides a framework to list services, attributes of services, service-level commitments, terms and conditions for service provisioning, and prices of services.
C.    Provides the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of various system functions in a cloud infrastructure to manage cloud services.
D.    Specifies a set of component functions that can be called from a software component to interact with other software components.

Answer: A

What is a benefit of personalizing a cloud portal?

A.    Meets the security and compliance needs to order and manage services.
B.    Optimizes the utilization and deployment time of cloud services.
C.    Enhances the portability and interoperability across clouds.
D.    Eliminates the possibility of manual errors during portal configuration.

Answer: A

What principle is supported by Representational State Transfer (REST)?

A.    Resource manipulation using resource representation.
B.    Stateful interaction between service requestor and service provider.
C.    Resource identification using XML.
D.    Encapsulation of XML files in the HTTP header.

Answer: A

What operation is supported by Representational State Transfer (REST)?

A.    Service requestor performs actions on a resource by using the resource representation.
B.    Service provider programmatically integrates and sequences HTTP methods used to manipulate resources.
C.    Service requestor encapsulates the body of a REST message in an XML file and transfers the file over IP.
D.    Service provider stores the application state to keep track of all resource manipulations.

Answer: A

What information is included in the service request issued by a cloud portal to the orchestration layer?

A.    Request ID, subscription ID, user’s choices.
B.    Request ID, erasure code, World Wide Name.
C.    User’s choices, iqn, service template.
D.    Subscription ID, erasure code, iqn.

Answer: A

What is a function of the management interface of cloud services?

A.    Enables consumers to control their use of rented services.
B.    Presents functional content of a service for computing.
C.    Provides a standard to develop a service enablement roadmap.
D.    Sequences system functions programmatically.

Answer: A

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