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What are valid service states that represent the availability of an eDisk?

A.    Failed, Degraded, Normal.
B.    Failed, Ready, Not Ready.
C.    Ready, Not Ready, Degraded.
D.    Failed, Not Ready, Degraded.

Answer: A

What is the default maximum number of TimeFinder/Snap sessions that can be created from a source volume on a VMAX 20K array?

A.    14
B.    15
C.    32
D.    128

Answer: A

A new Symmetrix VMAX array is installed and connected to a SAN with existing third-party storage arrays and devices. What EMC Solutions Enabler command will discover and build the SYMAPI database for only the new VMAX storage array?

A.    symcfg discover -symmetrix
B.    symcfg discover -clariion
C.    symconfigure discover -symmetrix
D.    symconfigure discover -database

Answer: A

What is the order of use for SRDF/A Delta Sets?

A.    Capture, Transmit, Receive, Apply.
B.    Capture, Apply, Transmit, Receive.
C.    Transmit, Receive, Capture, Apply.
D.    Apply, Transmit, Receive, Capture.

Answer: A

Which component of the Symmetrix VMAX runs the scripts to change the configuration of an array?

A.    Symmetrix Service Processor
B.    Global memory
C.    Back end adapters
D.    Front end adapters

Answer: A

What Unisphere for VMAX Big Button is used to facilitate the encapsulation of a CLARiiON LUN?

A.    External Storage
B.    Disk Groups
C.    Volumes
D.    Migration

Answer: A

Which step must be performed when creating a CSV Performance report in Unisphere for VMAX?

A.    Add at least one query
B.    Set up a recurring schedule
C.    Add a description
D.    Specify the output location

Answer: A

A Symmetrix VMAX 40K customer has recently upgraded the Enginuity level to 5876 Q4 2012 SR. The customer is interested in implementing the FAST VP compression feature. What is a required step to enable FAST VP compression?

A.    Set the FAST VP time to compress parameter.
B.    Enable FAST VP compression when associating storage group.
C.    Set the FAST VP compression rate.
D.    Enable FAST VP compression when adding thin pool to tier.

Answer: A

Open Replicator will be used to move data from a CLARiiON array to a Symmetrix VMAX array. The CLARiiON has not been discovered by the host from which the Open Replicator commands are issued. Which information has to be specified in the Open Replicator device file?

A.    symdev=arrayid:device and wwn=CLARiiON_device_WWN
B.    symdev=rrayid:device and clardev=arrayid:device
C.    wwn=array id:Symmetrix_device_WWN and wwn=array id:CLARiiON_device_WWN
D.    symdev=arrayid:device and clardev=arrayid:CLARiiON_device_WWN

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of tiers that can be included in a FAST VP policy on a Symmetrix that is configured with Federated Tiered Storage (FTS)?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.    5

Answer: C

A Symmetrix VMAX 40K customer implemented Federated Tiered Storage. A number of external LUNs have been encapsulated using virtual provisioning encapsulation. All the encapsulated devices are geometry limited. What must be done to remove the limitation?

A.    VLUN migrate the devices to internal disk groups using existing devices.
B.    VLUN migrate the devices to internal thin pools.
C.    Set a user defined geometry on the devices.
D.    Create TimeFinder VP Snap replicas and use the replicas.

Answer: B

Which two TimeFinder/Clone actions are initiated when issuing a symclone establish command?

A.    Activate and Restore
B.    Create and Activate
C.    Create and Terminate
D.    Recreate and Terminate

Answer: C

What are the characteristics of the port groups on Symmetrix storage arrays running Enginuity 5876?

A.    May contain valid front-end ports, only fibre and GigE ports, enabled ACLX flag on ports.
B.    A port belongs only to one port group, enabled ACLX flag on ports, only fibre and GigE ports.
C.    Can have mixed port types, only fibre and GigE ports, disabled ACLX flag on ports.
D.    Enabled ACLX flag on ports, can have mixed port types, can contain valid back-end ports.

Answer: A

Which Symmetrix VMAX Enginuity feature can be only managed by Unisphere for VMAX compared to Symmetrix Management Console?

A.    Federated Tiered Storage (FTS)
B.    FAST VP for FBA Volumes
C.    Auto Provisioning
D.    TimeFinder/Clone

Answer: A

Which Open Replicator transfer mode allows for more than one concurrent copy?

A.    Cold Push
B.    Cold Pull
C.    Hot Push
D.    Hot Pull

Answer: A

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