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While configuring Isilon SmartConnect, a customer has determined that their workload primarily consists of short-lived connections, such as HTTP and/or FTP. Which load-balancing policy will provide the most efficient client distribution?

A.    CPU Utilization
B.    Round Robin
C.    Connection Count
D.    Random Selection

Answer: A

An Isilon customer has an environment with very different workloads. They would like to assign clients to performance tiers based on the resources needed. Which software functionality can be used to meet this requirement?

A.    SmartConnect Zones
B.    Load Balancing
C.    Client Connection Zone
D.    SmartPools Advanced

Answer: A

When configuring Dynamic IP Address Allocation in Isilon SmartConnect, which policy setting needs to be determined?

A.    Rebalance
B.    Load-Balancing
C.    Static
D.    Dynamic

Answer: A

Based on the following criteria:
– Spans 3-40 nodes
– Logical grouping of drives
– Automatically assigned
– Intelligently distributes disks to manage performance
Which Isilon cluster component is described?

A.    Disk pool
B.    Node pool
C.    Smart pool
D.    SSD pool

Answer: A

An Isilon customer currently has an 8-node cluster of older X-Series nodes. They are planning several upgrades over the next three years in the following stages:
– Stage 1: Add 2 X-Series nodes to meet performance growth
– Stage 2: Add 4 NL-Series nodes to meet archive capacity growth
– Stage 3: Add 10 New X-Series nodes as a hardware refresh
– Stage 4: Remove older X-Series nodes
At which stage will a SmartPool license be required?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: B

Which Isilon license feature provides the ability to manage the performance and cost of data in a cluster as it relates to business objectives such as value and SLAs?

A.    SmartPools
B.    SmartConnect
C.    SyncIQ
D.    SmartQuota

Answer: A

Which Isilon feature provides the ability to build a cluster using different node types and tiers to meet a customer’s business objectives?

A.    SmartPools
B.    SmartQuota
C.    SmartConnect
D.    SnapshotIQ

Answer: A

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