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An organization wants to provide its developers with the ability to deploy virtual machines. These virtual machines have software and libraries installed that are used to develop applications. Each virtual machine will be configured with the same IP address and will be able to download application code from a central server. Which will be included in the design to support these requirements?

A.    VSANs and virtual firewall appliances
B.    VLANs and virtual firewall appliances
C.    VLANs and virtual IDS appliances
D.    VXLANs and an OS firewall

Answer: D
Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) is a proposed encapsulation protocol for running an overlay network on existing Layer 3 infrastructure. An overlay network is a virtual network that is built on top of existing network Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies to support elastic compute architectures. VXLAN will make it easier for network engineers to scale out a cloud computing environment while logically isolating cloud apps and tenants.

What describes the storage categories represented by OpenStack Swift and EMC XtremIO requirements?

A.    Swift = Distributed Object Storage
XtremIO = Central Storage
B.    Swift = Central Storage
XtremIO = Distributed File Storage
C.    Swift = Distributed Block Storage
XtremIO = Distributed Object Storage
D.    Swift = Distributed File Storage
XtremIO = Distributed Block Storage

Answer: A
OpenStack Swift is a globally-distributed object storage with a single namespace that’s durable enough for the most demanding private clouds and now brought to you in an easy-to-deploy/scale/manage system. XtremIO is a flash-based Storage Array.

Which cloud services are typically responsible for automatically scaling applications?

A.    Orchestration and monitoring
B.    Metering and service catalog
C.    Monitoring and metering
D.    Service catalog and orchestration

Answer: A
Orchestration is the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems, middleware and services. This usage of orchestration is often discussed in the context of service-oriented architecture, virtualization, provisioning, converged infrastructure and dynamic datacenter topics. Orchestration in this sense is about aligning the business request with the applications, data, and infrastructure.

What are general design considerations for inter-cloud links?

A.    Internet connection, network service provider adjacent to the cloud provider, and application behavior
B.    Router and load balancer session synchronization, Internet connection, and network service provider adjacent to the cloud provider
C.    Application behavior, router and load balancer session synchronization, and Internet connection
D.    Network service provider adjacent to the cloud provider, application behavior, and router and load balancer session synchronization

Answer: A

During the assessment phase of the design process, the cloud architect discovers that an organization wants to provide consumers with the ability to backup and restore entire virtual machines. Which backup application functionality will support this requirement?

A.    Agent-based backups
B.    Image-based backups
C.    Array-based snapshots
D.    Cloud gateway backups

Answer: B

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