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PassLeader Premium DELL-EMC E20-547 Exam Dumps in VCE and PDF for Free Previewing (Question 55 - Question 72)

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Before creating a CIFS server that will participate in a Windows Domain, what EMC best practice should you follow?

A.    Configuring NTP synchronization with a KDC.
B.    Creating placeholder entries in the Active Directory.
C.    Populating DNS with the new host entries.
D.    Performing a health check on the VNX system.

Answer: A

When provisioning a new logical unit, which RAID group property is the basis for limiting the LUN capacity that can be specified?

A.    Largest contiguous free space
B.    Total formatted capacity
C.    Total raw capacity
D.    Largest user capacity

Answer: A

Where can the Secondary Usermapper run?

A.    On physical Data Movers only
B.    On virtual Data Movers only
C.    On physical or virtual Data Movers
D.    On standby Data Movers

Answer: A

You are asked to create the maximum number of writeable snapshots from a production file system per day, using equivalent intervals. How many snapshots can be created?

A.    16 -- one every 90 min
B.    24 -- one every 60 min
C.    48 -- one every 30 min
D.    96 -- one every 15 min

Answer: A

Counting from left to right, which octect identifies the SP and port number in the WWPN 50:06:01:62:47:20:32:88?

A.    4
B.    2
C.    3
D.    5

Answer: A

You are trying to create a virtual device on a VNX Data Mover in Unisphere under Settings > Network > Settings For File > Devices > Create. Why is the physical device not displayed?

A.    The device is already used.
B.    You do not have permission to create devices.
C.    The physical device is faulted.
D.    There is no network cable plugged into the physical device.

Answer: A

Where does the .filefilter directory reside?

A.    On the root share of the Data Mover
B.    On the top level of the data file system
C.    On the VNX Event Enabler server
D.    On the client

Answer: A

What is an accurate description of VMware Aware Storage API (VASA)?

A.    An API for an array to provide its storage capabilities into vCenter.
B.    A vendor neutral storage API to offload VMware operations to the array.
C.    A vCenter integration feature to simplify administration of VNX arrays.
D.    A vSphere Client feature that automatically mounts VMFS and RDM volumes.

Answer: A

You are exporting a file system from a VNX Unified system at the subdirectory level. What is a key consideration?

A.    It is a best practice to configure group and user permissions for the subdirectory.
B.    The file system must be exported again if the user and group permissions are modified.
C.    When an export is deleted, subdirectories are automatically destroyed.
D.    The lost + found and .etc directories become visible to the client.

Answer: A

What does the acronyms “CHAP” refer to?

A.    Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
B.    Challenge Handshake Authorization Protocol
C.    CLARiiON Handshake Authentication
D.    Consistent Host Application Protocol

Answer: D

If a source LUN is trespassed, what happens to an unfractured clone LUN?

A.    The peer SP acquires both the clone LUN and the fracture logs.
B.    The peer SP acquires only the clone LUN.
C.    The peer SP acquires only the fracture logs.
D.    Neither the clone LUN nor the fracture log will be acquired by the peer SP.

Answer: A

Which utility must be used to upgrade VNX OE array-based software?

A.    Unisphere Service Manager
B.    NST DAE Installation Utility
C.    Unisphere Installation Utility
D.    Unisphere Server Utility

Answer: D

What is the preferred method for partitioning VNX FC LUNs attached to a Windows Server 2008 R2 host?

A.    Disk Management
B.    format
C.    fdisk
D.    vtoc

Answer: A

An administrator is using the VNX file filtering feature. What is considered a valid filter file name?

A.    extension_name
B.    sharename@extension_name
C.    NetBIOS_name@sharename@extension_name
D.    share_name

Answer: A

A colleague reports FAST cache was just added to an existing VNX but FAST cache is still not enabled on the FAST VP storage pools. What do you advise?

A.    Manually enable FAST cache on the existing storage pools.
B.    A service call should opened for EMC Support to investigate.
C.    Manually enable FAST cache on the existing storage pool LUNs.
D.    FAST cache can only be enabled on newly created storage pools.

Answer: A

Which method is used to configure Data Mover certificates?

A.    In Unisphere, use the listed navigation (Server Certificates for File, Personas), select the desired VNX Data Mover and click the Generate button.
B.    In Unisphere, use the listed navigation (Server Certificates for File, Personas), select the desired VNX Control Station and click the Properties button.
C.    In Unisphere, use the listed navigation (Server Certificates for Block, Personas), select the desired VNX Control Station and click the Generate button.
D.    In Unisphere, use the listed navigation (Server Certificates for Block, Personas), select the desired VNX Data Mover and click the Properties button.

Answer: A

Where in Unisphere do you assign FAST Cache to LUNs?

A.    At the LUN level under a RAID group.
B.    At the LUN level under a storage pool.
C.    Under FAST Cache system properties.
D.    Under the Advanced tab of RAIDGROUP Properties.

Answer: A

What should be installed to use the data compression feature of a VNX array?

A.    Compression Enabler and Thin Provisioning Enabler only.
B.    Compression Enabler only.
C.    Compression Enabler and FAST Enabler only.
D.    Compression Enabler, Thin Provisioning Enabler, and FAST Enabler.

Answer: A

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